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Family-owned & operated

Official USA Distributor of VYKIN Crushers

VYKIN Crushers — specialists in small Micro Crushers & Screeners. Ideal, Affordable Solutions for contractors & Small Business.

Our competition crushes concrete.
We crush their prices.

About Us   We are a US, small family-owned heavy equipment supplier that specializes in compact crushing & screening equipment.

About Our Customers  Much of our customers are also small family-run businesses and we take pride in providing solutions that directly help impact their business’ bottomline, growth and success.

About Our Machines  With pricing that cannot be beat, we offer a full range of equipment from the smallest crusher (8 TPH) to the largest (150 TPH), and everything in between

Why We Have Competitive Pricing   All of the machines we offer are more affordable (at LEAST +10% less) than any comparable product on the market to make our equipment reasonably priced & accessible for small businesses. 

We also give all customers a free 2 years of wear parts with every machine, 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, and free shipping. Being family-owned, you can be assured we are committed in your business’ growth and understand how important it is to have reliable equipment and people you can rely on.

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Process Your Materials Directly On-Site

Turn jobs into lucrative opportunities for your business

Save on material and hauling cost. And turn your waste into usable product directly on your job-site with VYKIN crushers.

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Take Full Control of Your Costs

1. — Recycle your concrete & rubble into usable aggregate on-site.

2. — Eliminate waste disposal costs, trucking and tipping fees.

3. — Save on the cost of purchasing & transporting in new aggregate material.

4. — Have stockpiles of useable material on-hand at your site.

5. — Stockpile sub-base materials for future jobs and even make backfill from excavated soil.

Even if you don’t need the crushed product on the job, you would be hauling profit because someone is always in the market for a good base or fill product

There are endless opportunities for on-site crushing on job sites, including crushing services and leaving the material on-site for the main contractor to use for sub-base.

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