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Family-owned & operated

Authorized Senya Dealer

Vykin specializes in providing industry leading crushing and screening equipment all over the globe.

At Vykin we can provide the highest level of personalized service because we are a local family-operated company and we’re going to take care of you.

When we sell a crusher, we are not just selling a piece of equipment. We are selling our impeccable service, our engineering expertise, and most of all our integrity.

Being family owned, you can be assured we are committed in your business’ growth and success — and we understand how important it is to have reliable equipment and people you can rely on.

Our Partners Have Been

Manufacturing crushers since 1955

Authorized dealer and long-term partners with SENYA and SANME.

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Our Partners have been Manufacturing rock crushing equipment and plant Design since 1955.

Vykin is an authorized dealer and long-term partners with SENYA and SANME, two trusted brands in the crushing industry. With the support from these brands, modern manufacturing capabilities and an excellent R&D team of professional engineers, our team is equipped to provide a full range of crushing and screening equipment — from small-scale crushing up to the largest aggregate processing plants in the world.

SENYA is the SANME North American division with a primary focus in North America and South America, and a corporate headquarters in North Carolina, Raleigh.

SANME is a Sino-German joint venture holding company with HAZEMAG and is the world’s leading manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment, and plant design.

HAZEMAG is a German company and is the global leader in the fields of crusher design and control technology, and invented the world’s first impact crusher in 1946.

Why Vykin?

Our team of engineers are the best in the world at determining the most efficient and economical solution for all your crushing needs.

Let us know what you’re looking for in terms of price, type of crusher, capacity (tons per hour), input & output sizes, and material being crushed (for hardness) — and our engineers can build it for you.

  • Our partners have a 320,000 sq ft manufacturing facility.
  • We offer factory-direct pricing with 20-30% less than major suppliers.
  • We offer 10-12 week lead time compared to 6+ months from our competition.

Our focus is to help our customers grow their businesses by providing the best in quality equipment, service and after-sales support.

  • We have a huge spare parts storage warehouse to fully guarantee our customers’ needs.
  • We can dispatch service engineers to the our customers’ sites within 24 hours to solve any problem.


Our competition crushes concrete.
We crush their prices.

Advanced Technology

Our rock crushers are produced with the most advanced designs and equipment.

Mechanical Experience

Our support team comes equipped with a wealth of experience crushing various kinds of material.

Competitive Pricing

All of the machines we offer are more affordable and more efficient than any comparable product.

In-House Financing

We offer competitive financing options to assist customers with their purchases.

Engineering Expertise

All of our products are designed and tested by leading engineers in the field.

Customer Support

Our experienced staff is on-call to assist you with any crushing related need you might have.

Specialists in Small MICRO Crushers and Screening Solutions

Our portable MICRO Crusher lineup are ideal, affordable solutions for a wide range of job applications. 

Our wide range of MICRO Crushers helps mid and small-sized contractors increase their profitability and win more bids by crushing on-site by:

  • Eliminate disposal & transportation costs
  • Recycle concrete and demo on-site
  • Use base aggregate for huge savings
  • Win more bids

These tiny MICRO machines can still compete with larger crushers at as little as to ¼ of the cost and still easily producing 200 to 600 tons per day!

There simply is no other machine that can even come close to competing with our micro crushers in size, portability, durability, affordability, and productivity:

1. Portability – The MICRO Crusher has been designed to be easily transported with a pickup truck, dump truck, or tractor trailer. It is also small and mobile enough to be brought into even crowded work sites.

2. Affordability – Reasonably priced, the MICRO is accessible to small and mid-size companies. It also qualifies for the Section 179 tax deduction.

3. Easy waste disposal – The MICRO Crusher makes it possible to process concrete waste onsite, rather than sending it to another location.

4. High productivity – Depending on which model you have, the MICRO Crusher can process anywhere from 30 to 80 tons of material per hour.

Our MICRO Crusher line starts at $88.5K / $1,800 per month and can easily be pulled by a pickup truck & crushing in 10 minutes.

With our machines utilizing electric motors powered by either gas or diesel generators, the operation and maintenance costs are nearly zero.

Our smallest crusher can run all day long on less than $20 in fuel while producing several hundred tons of aggregate.

The next step up from any manufacturer is in the $250K to $300K range and require a tractor trailer to move.

Compared to larger traditional crushing machinery, increasingly larger maintenance and operation costs — hydraulics to service, DEF fluid, tracks, etc.

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Smarter Crushing Solutions
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