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Wet Concrete Recycling Systems

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Senya YCRP Series


Number of trucks that could be served

1~4 trucks (standard configuration is 2)

Processing capacity of concrete residue


Minimum size of separated aggregate


Maximum size of separated aggregate


External dimensions L×W×H

20.8m×12.4m×4.5m 15.1m×9.5m×4.5m

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USA Mid-Sized Jaw Crusher - Senya 6

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1 week

4-7 days

1 year

(Shipped from main equipment yard in Raleigh, NC.)

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Our wet concrete recycling system is a complete turnkey solution to recycle any remaining concrete from mixing trucks and stations. It can separate sand, soil and grave permanently and utilize the waste water to produce, realizing zero-emission of waste water and waste material. 

It is a common problem in traditional commercial concrete businesses where grout is flowing everywhere and waste concrete accumulates. According to statistics, when producing 1 million m3 concrete, the waste amount is equal to 2500m3 concrete and the water wasted made by cleaning equipment reaches 50t. The waste water in mixing trucks contains strong caustic materials such as cement hydration product and residual admixture and its PH value is over 13. That will do great damage to surrounding water and soil. It has been standard equipment for a commercial concrete business to have a recycling system. High-efficiency and convenience of wet-mixing recovery, with energy-saving and environmental protection.


Number of trucks that could be served: 1~4 trucks (standard configuration is 2)
Processing capacity of concrete residue: 40m³/H
Minimum size of separated aggregate: 0.075mm
Maximum size of separated aggregate: 50mm
Capacity of clear water pool: 90m³×1
Capacity of settling tank: 38m³×1 (28m³×1 option for mobile unit)
Capacity of agitating tank: 45m³×2 (37m³×1 option for mobile unit)
External dimensions L×W×H: 20.8m×12.4m×4.5m (15.1m×9.5m×4.5m option for mobile unit)

Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

1. Unmatched crushing power, over X2 our competition! — With 14,000 lbs of shear brute force and massive flywheels, this machine eats through the hardest material like it’s popcorn! Have customers crushing river rock and granite all the time (on 7-8 Mohs hardness scale).

2. Electrically-Driven via legendary Yanmar 40kW Onboard Generator – American made, warrantied & serviced — USA made Self-Contained Generator installed inside the machine, just under the feeder. All motors are electric and powered by the generator — NO HYDRAULICS to Service! NO high maintenance costs! RUNS ALL DAY ON $40 of diesel fuel!! Extremely efficient, minimal wear & tear, reduced fuel costs, increased lifespan, and negligible maintenance. Yanmar 4TNV98C-GGE Engine, TIER 4 FINAL Certified Diesel Engine lasts “almost forever.”

3. Low fuel costs & high production capabilities — Runs ALL DAY on less than $30-40 in fuel while easily producing 200-300 tons of aggregate per day.

4. Service and maintenance costs are nearly zero — NO Hydraulics to service, NO high maintenance costs, no DEF fluid, and no track undercarriage to worry about. Affordable and easy replacement of high wear parts. (Only 3 high wear parts: jaw, conveyor belt, and flywheel drive belts.)

5. Simple to maintain & easy to operate with straightforward controls — Anybody can learn to operate this machine and up to speed in 30 minutes. Control the crusher with the wireless remote while loading from a skid steer, easily run by a single operator! USA Made Diesel Generator control panel is integrated into the machine control panel providing the maximum in protection with low level warnings as well as ease of start up.

6. 100% portable & quick set-up times — Pull with a pickup, drop the legs and start crushing in 10 minutes or less. No need for prime movers or trailers, and the entire thing could easily be moved several times a day.

Yanmar 40KW Generator 768x576 1 Mid-Sized Jaw Crusher - Senya 6

7. Yanmar 40kW Generator Powers The Entire Micro Plant“Plug & Play”; the MICRO Crusher, Screen Plant and 3 Conveyors can ALL be powered by this generator! Extremely cost-effective and efficient compared to traditional diesel/hydraulically driven machines.

  • Legendary Yanmar Engine powered generator, famous for reliable durability in harsh and extreme environments — to maximize production while minimizing maintenance & downtime
  • Crusher, Screen Plant, Conveyor, Step Down transformers all “Plug and Play”
  • All components are wired to work off single power source generator in the Senya 3 Crusher
  • All jacks and cables included and installed
  • Dedicated relays and breakers for each component in control panel
Moeller USAS made polyethelyne translucent fuel tank w logo 768x876 1 Mid-Sized Jaw Crusher - Senya 6

8. USA Molded Marine Grade Moeller Fuel TankFuel consumption is 1/2 – 3/4 gallon per hour, runs all day on less than $30-40 of fuel.

  • The finest Quality Marine Grade 13 gallon tank
  • Entire MICRO Plant runs all day on a single tank
  • HD Polyethylene construction molded in Sparta, TN
  • Designed for maximum durability in harsh and extreme environments
  • No rust in fuel
  • HD diamond plate aluminum enclosure
  • External easy access fuel port
  • Enclosure is an excellent working platform for jaw work
Senya 3 flywheel Mid-Sized Jaw Crusher - Senya 6

9. Massive Flywheels Generate Unmatched Crushing Power!THERE’S A REASON OUR MACHINE WEIGHS TWICE THAT OF OUR COMPETITORS MACHINES, FOR X2 RAW CRUSHING POWER! Lower maintenance costs, greater durability.

  • Hardness of material is a non-issue with our MICRO Crushers! The secret is in our massive flywheels, this was no small engineering feat to incorporate such tremendous crushing power in such a small space and chassis. We considered reducing the size which would have made things so much easier, but decided against it as we want our crushing power to be unequalled in our MICRO Crusher lineup! These machines eat the hardest of material like it’s popcorn!!
New design jaw 768x576 1 Mid-Sized Jaw Crusher - Senya 6

10. Integrated Single Piece Motor Mount And Jaw Frame

  • Reduces Vibration almost 80%!
  • MASSIVE Flywheels
  • Longer jaw life and bearing durability
  • Overall significant reduction of wear and tear
  • 85 Decibel sound level taken at 10′ from the entire MICRO Plant running (not crushing), equivalent to a dishwasher or blender volume
Single Piece flywheel belt 768x576 1 Mid-Sized Jaw Crusher - Senya 6

11. Single Piece 5x Banded V Belt

  • Even stretching and wear of single belts
  • Eliminates need to maintain tension on 5 separate belts
  • Eliminates rolling of individual belts
  • Available as an upgrade for older models

Parts, Service & Warranty

On-Site Training: Shortly after delivery, we will send out one of our guys to get you up to speed on your crusher. You will also have access to setup videos you can watch in the meantime.

Service: We are always just 1 call away for help, assistance or questions! For any issues we can’t resolve over the phone or video call, we will fly out a technician to your site.

Parts: Always have wear parts in stock and ready to ship out same day or within next day depending on urgency required.


  • 1 year warranty on all machines bumper to bumper, excluding high wear parts.
  • 3 year warranty graduated on generator (100%, 50%, 25%).
  • 5 year warranty or 3000 hrs on Yanmar motor.

High wear parts:

  • Jaw plates: 1-4 years, or 10,000 tons. (Reversible plates; rotate them 180 degrees, can get double life out of them.)
    • $3,900 for a set for Senya 3;
    • $6,800 for Senya 6. 
  • Flywheel drive belt: 2-5 years.
    • $600 – $700.
  • Conveyor belt: 2-5 years.
    • $800 – $950.

Operating costs:

Because maintenance is negligible, your primary ongoing costs will be fuel:

  • Senya 3 consumes ½ – ¾ of a gallon per hour; runs all day on less than $30-$40 of fuel while producing 200-300 tons per day.
  • Senya 6 consumes runs all day on less than $70-$80 of fuel while producing 500-700 tons per day.


Concrete Recycling Machine

1. Wet concrete recycling machine
national patented technology, with the flow of 40m³/h.

2. Sand-gravel separation vibrating screen
national patented technology, with anti-blocking design

3. Hydro-cyclone separation system
national patented technology; particles of above 0.075mm can be separated, with the efficiency>90%.

4. Arc groove for vehicle washing
national patented technology; the problem of material discharging is solved.

5.Thorough separation
Silt content in the discharging material is less than 1%, and the water content is less than 7%.

Wet Concrete Recycling Solution
High efficiency and durability

Wet concrete recycling machine
1. Hydro-cyclone separation pump

a. All blades are made of high-chromium alloy (Wear-resistant and replaceable);
b. The position of bearing is higher than the liquid level (The problem of sealing is solved).

2. Sewage disposal system
a. Mixing impeller is equipped (The precipitated silt is hit into the turbulent flow);
b. The flow-passing parts are made of high-chromium alloy.

3. Sewage disposal system

a. The mixer and water pump impeller can run without wear;
b. No silting or sedimentation, and no blocking.

Concrete Recycling Machine for Wet Concrete
Energy conservation and environmental protection

1. Zero emission
Recycling utilization of national resources, and environmental protection.

2. Energy conservation
Accurate control of the running time, to save every ounce of energy.

Safety and reliability
Slope-free design
No need of climbing the slope during vehicle washing, without shoveling materials in pit;
Civil engineering is saved.

Concentrated handling for slurry
The production quality of concrete is guaranteed.

Highly intelligent
1. Full-automatic control

The system automatically runs when photoelectric sensor senses the positioning of tank truck.

2. Acoustic, optical and electrical alarming protection

Safe operation of equipment is guaranteed

3. Procedural control interface

Multiple options for value-added services

Main technical parameters of YCRP40 mobile wet concrete recycling equipment
Main technical parameters of YCRP40MX container-type wet concrete recycling equipment
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