4 IN 1 IMPACT CRUSHER e1663266096221 4-in-1 Impact Crusher - 50-100 tph
4 in 1 300 dpi 4-in-1 Impact Crusher - 50-100 tph

4-in-1 Impact Crusher

cropped adminated SENYA logo 4-in-1 Impact Crusher - 50-100 tph

Starting at $400,000+
Lead time 10-12 weeks

Our engineers can build a custom crusher to your specifications — call for a custom quote.

Jaw Opening:

20″ x 30″

Crushing Capacity:

50 – 100 tph

Screen Layers: 


Creates Multiple Small Product Sizes

The 4-in-1 Impact Crusher is built to create very fine material out of whatever you want to crush utilizing a Jaw Crusher as the primary crusher, and then a Cone Crusher as the secondary crusher. 

The 4-in-1 also comes with a built in vibrating screen to separate your fine material from your larger sized pieces, and send them back into the Impact Crusher to be downsized again producing 3 sizes of material at the same time.

Large Capacity of Multiple Sizes Simultaneously

The 4-in-1 Impact Crusher can crush between 50 and 100 tons per hour. This is the perfect machine for a productive quarry that aims to crush at least 300 tons of multiple sizes on a normal working day.


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