4 Benefits of Micro Concrete Crushers

Lower costs. Better efficiency. Increased performance.


Micro rock crushers can be used in on-site crushing of raw materials in place of larger equipment to produce recyclable aggregate. Integrating smaller concrete crushers, such as those from Senya, into your fleet will increase profitability and productivity on your next project.

1. Quick ROI

Senya micro crushers offer a cost effective way for small and mid sized contractors to add crushing equipment to their lineup. The Senya 6, our mid-sized jaw crusher, has proven to reach a 100% ROI in 4 months when producing 50 truckloads of aggregate per month. 

See how much you’ll save after adding a new Senya crusher to your fleet with our Cashflow Calculator.

2. Small But Mighty

Micro crushers take up way less space than standard crushers. This makes them easier to move around job sites and store when not in use. Smaller micro crushers like the Senya 3 can be hauled using a pickup and the larger models, like the Senya 6, can be moved using a dump truck.

Don’t let their size fool you! Senya crushers can reduce the hardest of materials with no problem. The Senya 3 jaw crusher has a capacity of 30 tons per hour and is designed for wear and tear in harsh environments.

3. Saves Money

Senya micro crushers help you meet your bottom line.

  • Lower initial investment – the Senya 3 starts at as little as $1,850 per month. Your monthly payment will be covered after 20 truckloads.
  • Low maintenance costs – Senya micro crushers run on an electric motor instead of a hydraulic or diesel motor. There aren’t a lot of high wear parts that need to be replaced either.
  • No need to purchase aggregate – With a Senya micro crusher, you’ll be able to make hundreds of tons of aggregate per day. You can remove aggregate purchasing expenses from your budget because you’ll be able to make your own.
  • No demolition removal costs – By recycling concrete on-site, you don’t have to worry about transporting loads of waste to a disposal site. This is especially beneficial for job sites located in rural regions.


Micro crushers provide an affordable way for smaller contractors to recycle common construction site waste such as concrete and asphalt. This allows more job sites to embrace the idea of sustainability. They also use less fuel than larger equipment and remove the need for the transportation of aggregate materials. Which in turn removes fleets of dump trucks from the road and decreases their impact on the environment.

Portable Concrete Crushers For Sale

Investing in a micro crusher for your equipment lineup will help you save money while benefiting the environment and increasing your job site’s productivity. Senya Tech’s concrete crushers come in many sizes and can reduce raw materials of varying hardness.

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