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Small Concrete Crushers & Micro Aggregate Plants​

Senya Tech engineers created micro concrete crushers, micro screeners, and micro screen plants to give small and mid-sized contractors the ability to duplicate the functions of a full-scale aggregate processing plant. In this post, we’ll look at what each of the Senya concrete crushing equipment does and how they work.

Micro Concrete Crushers

Micro crushers take large boulders of raw materials and break them up into smaller more manageable pieces. Two of the most common rock crushers used in aggregate processing are impact crushers and jaw crushers. Senya makes small-sized jaw crushers for contractors new to aggregate processing and mid-sized jaw crushers for larger job applications.

Jaw crushers, whether small or midsize, work by squeezing raw materials between two plates fixed to a V-shaped chamber. Similar to how your jaw moves when you chew food, only one of the plates moves in the crushing chamber which causes rocks to be squeezed against the other plate that remains stationary. When the rocks reach the desired size, they fall through a gap at the bottom of the crushing chamber.

Impact crushers produce aggregate very differently than jaw crushers. The raw material is loaded into the machine’s opening. From there it falls down into a chamber where a set of blow bars are rotating very quickly. The raw materials are crushed by the impact of being thrown against the wall of the machine by the blow bars. Aggregates produced by impact crushers are smaller and more consistently shaped.


Screening plants are used to separate different sizes of raw and crushed rock. They can be used in standalone applications to sort topsoil or dirt. When used in a micro aggregate plant, screeners catch the crushed rock produced by crushing equipment.

The Senya SP1 Screen Plant has three main parts, an engine that creates vibrations, screens that sift rock particles, and a catching area.When the rocks come out of the crusher it falls onto a vibrating screen that sifts the smaller pieces. The remaining pieces travel along the screener until it reaches the catching area.


Micro conveyors are set up at the end of a crusher to save time by loading aggregate materials directly into the bucket of a skid steer or the back of a dump truck. Our micro conveyors are made with angled indlers and a cleated belt which allows them to move the same amount of product in half the length of traditional conveyors. We have 23’ conveyors and 28’ conveyors.

Small Concrete Crushers For Sale

Small and medium-sized contractors can replicate the functions of a full-sized aggregate processing plant with Senya Tech micro crushers, micro screeners, and micro conveyors. Each piece of equipment is made to help you have a safe, cost-effective, and productive experience producing aggregate materials.

Head over to our website to learn more about the different aggregate processing machines we offer. Have questions? We’re here for you! Give us a call at (844) 440-0266 or email [email protected] to reach one of our experts.

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