What is a Concrete Crusher?

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Concrete crushers are portable concrete crushers used on mining and construction job sites to break up large pieces of hard materials such as concrete, rocks, and minerals. There are micro concrete crushers available for sale so small and mid sized contractors have the ability to take advantage of crushing equipment. 

Concrete crushers are used in combination with other crushing equipment, such as screeners and conveyors, to produce aggregate materials that can be sold for profit or recycled for use on-site. Let’s take a look at how concrete crushers work and the different types of them available for use today. 

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How Does A Concrete Crusher Work?

Simply put, concrete crushers reduce large blocks of concrete, rocks, and other materials into smaller pieces that can be more easily managed by other crushing equipment. Because of their tremendous power and ability to effortlessly crush some of the biggest and hardest materials, concrete crushers  are commonly used in the primary and secondary stations of the crushing process.

If you look at a cross section of a concrete crusher, you’ll see that the machine is constructed with a fixed concrete inside of a V-shaped chamber – known as the crushing chamber. The chamber has two surfaces, one of which is stationary and the other moves back and forth creating the compression needed to crush raw materials. There is a space at the bottom of the crushing chamber that determines the size of the output aggregate. Raw materials remain in the crushing chamber until they are small enough to pass through the gap.

The two most common types of concrete crushers are double toggle (blake type or overhead pivot movement) and single toggle (overhead eccentric movement). The main difference between both types of crushers is the mechanism that allows the movable concrete to compress materials.

Concrete Crusher Versus Cone Crusher: What’s The Difference?

The major difference between both types of crushing equipment is that cone crushers create a more cubic shaped product. Cone crushers are also less capable of crushing extremely hard materials like talc, limestone, and concrete. They are more expensive and take up a lot of space.

Concrete crushers are essential to all mining and construction job sites. They allow large pieces of hard materials to be processed into aggregate in a cost-effective and efficient manner. When deciding between a concrete crusher and a cone crusher, make sure you understand the budget and production needs for the job.

Small Concrete Crushers For Sale at Vykin

At Vykin, we offer small concrete crushers for those just starting out and mid sized crushers for bigger jobs. The Senya 3 has a capacity of 30 tons per hour and is our most affordable machine starting at just $1,085 per month. The Senya 6 is the upgraded version of the Senya 3 crushing 80 tons per hour.

Both machines are ready to get to work. Are you? Visit us online to view all of our mobile concrete crushers for sale.

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