VYKIN 50-JC Jaw Crusher

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Owner’s Manual > – For physical copy email: [email protected]

Quick Start Guide

Outlining the preliminary essential steps for setup and initial operation:

Please review and follow all safety and maintenance procedures outlined in the user’s manual prior to operating any VYKIN machinery.

Prior to crushing any material:

  • Please fill both hydraulic oil tanks and add diesel fuel to your crusher.
  • Please check the type of material and make sure it is a non-hazardous waste material.
  • Make sure the crusher you are using has enough power to process the material’s hardness.
    • The VYKIN 50 is ideal for processing all kinds of material — including: concrete, asphalt, granite, basalt, river rock, virgin stone, limestone, etc

The VYKIN 50 accepts materials between 12 to 14.5 inches in size — with an output adjustable down to 3/4” of an inch.

If crushing reinforced concrete, ensure there are NO long pieces of rebar sticking out of the concrete to avoid a piece getting caught at the bottom of the jaw and ripping the conveyor belt. You MUST cut any visible rebar that protruding or sticking out of your concrete.

Manual feeder stop switch is located besides the hopper, on the maintenance platform.

Jaw speed between 300 – 360 RPM (330 is average, but 350 is a decent speed to deliver high impact as well).

Feeder speed is usually at 5 notch (but reduce to your material feed flow as necessary).

Battery powers the water dust suppression system and the magnetic cross belt (iron remover). You must turn off the battery after shutting down your crusher to avoid draining the battery and likewise jump-starting due to dead battery.

How to Unload And Assemble Hopper

Bolts to hopper are in a bag, also found in the back panel besides the wireless remote.

How to Start and Operate

Page 47 in manual for filling hydraulic oil tank. Image below shows fill ports; 1st hydraulic fill port on left is found in the right cabin (on side of control panel) — fill this tank first, before filling outside tank (image on right below). After 50-hours, filter the hydraulic oil for any metal filings during break-in period.

Service and Maintenance Points


  • Battery is dead and need to jump-start my crusher.
    • When shutting down your crusher, make sure both power supply switches are turned off (main power under control panel & backup power in back cabin found left of engine; pull switches up to turn off power); on control panel place iron remover switch to the neutral / off position; remove battery connectors from from water pump (if used / applicable); turn off engine ignition key on control panel and remove keys. 
Screenshot 2024 05 24 at 1.51.34 PM VYKIN 50-JC

Output Adjustment and more

Page 41 in manual for changing output size:

  • Each turn is about about 1/4″ (0.25 of an inch / 6mm).
    • Clockwise turns opens the jaw, larger output;
    • Counterclockwise closes the jaws, smaller output.
  • Tools of the trade: to quickly measure the output size of jaws, throw in a few balls of tinfoil (or a empty beer can; credit goes to Brad) whatever you have available (just make sure you drink it empty first before you throw it in!) and measure the thickness crushed down to.

Grizzly Bars: Closing off grizzly bars to let small rock bypass into crushing chamber (ie: if have significant undersize of <2″):

  • Dimensions: L x W x Thickness; 29.5” x 35” x 2/5” or ½” (750mm x 890mm x 12/10mm)
    • Cut fabric screen and bolt onto grizzly (ie: ¾” screen)
    • Or, locally cut steel plate to size and cover grizzly. 

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