ROI Cashflow Calculator

Process Your Materials Directly On-Site

Why Pay For Trucking & Disposal Costs Just To Have It Crushed & Re-Sold Back To You?

Stop Throwing Away Checks To Your Aggregate Suppliers.​

2 final ROI Calculator - VYKIN 25-JC
34 ROI Calculator - VYKIN 25-JC

Take Full Control of Your Costs

1. — Recycle your concrete & rubble into usable aggregate on-site.

2. — Eliminate waste disposal costs, trucking and tipping fees.

3. — Save on the cost of purchasing & transporting in new aggregate material.

4. — Have stockpiles of useable material on-hand at your site.

5. — Stockpile sub-base materials for future jobs and even make backfill from excavated soil.

Even if you don’t need the crushed product on the job, you would be hauling profit because someone is always in the market for a good base or fill product

There are endless opportunities for on-site crushing on job sites, including crushing services and leaving the material on-site for the main contractor to use for sub-base.

2 dellete ROI Calculator - VYKIN 25-JC
35 ROI Calculator - VYKIN 25-JC

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