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MC Series

Starting at $16,000+
Lead time 4 months

See spec sheet for pricing & available models.

Hydraulic Pulverizer.

(Magnetic pulverizer combo available.)

Quickly reduce massive concrete slabs into manageable pieces for your crusher.

Proper material prep is essential to prevent downtime from blockages and ensure a productive crushing operation.

Pulverizer has a built in blade to cut oversized strands of rebar and separate it from your material.



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Lightweight and Powerful. Pulverizing work with low-vibration and low-noise.

MC Series with big cylinders and Acceleration valve realizes pulverizing work with low-vibration and low-noise.

TAGUCHI’s unique design to place hydraulic cylinder inside the main body enable to work without worrying about damage to the rod.

Acceleration valve (jaw closing) is standard in all models and it bring improving work efficiency.




MC topics 01 Pulverizer

Easy Maintenance. Special Steel Blade.

The special steel blade as standard feature can be used on 4 sides reversible. It is possible to cut the rebar that appears during pulverizing work.

The tooth is also made of special steel and it is easy to replace and repair.


Model NameClass of excavator[ton]Operating pressure[MPa]Max. operating pressure[MPa]Length A[mm]Max. jaw opening B[mm]Cutting blade length C[mm]Crushing force at tip D[kN]Crushing force at center E[kN]Mass[kg]
MC36B E1682A0 200916 PulverizerMC-35B

3 – 5 ton


MC75B PulverizerMC-75B

6 – 8 ton


MC135B PulverizerMC-121

10 – 14 ton


MC212 PulverizerMC-201

20 – 22 ton


MC301 PulverizerMC-301

30 – 35 ton



・Single two-way hydraulic piping is required.
・We recommend reinforcing the arm of a hydraulic excavator that has the Guzzilla series installed.
・The attachment cannot be installed on a hydraulic excavator of a different class.
・For installable models of the MC-35B, contact us.


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