Concrete Crushers Help You Save Time and Money

Lower costs. Better efficiency. Increased performance.


Have you found yourself paying to transport concrete and demolition waste off site and then turning around just to buy back aggregate to use on the job? If so, you need a micro concrete crusher on-site to help you cut costs and stop wasting time. Keep reading to find out how having reliable concrete crushers on a job site can result in a quick ROI, scale your business, increase productivity, and help you win bids.

A Good Investment

Purchasing a Senya micro concrete crusher is an investment that pays for itself within a year. The Senya 3 pays for itself after 20 truckloads per month and the Senya 6 pays for itself after 50 truckloads. If you keep the machines busy, you’ll have them paid off before you know it.

Check out the Cashflow Calculator to see how much you could save and earn with a Senya Crusher!

Scale Your Business

You may be thinking that there’s not much a pile of concretes can do to help you reach your bottom line. But aggregates aren’t just concretes. Over 2.4 billion tons of aggregate is produced in the United States each year. The industry rakes in an estimated $25 billion annually. A piece of that pie could be yours if you had your own crushing equipment. The wide range of the types of aggregates produced by mobile concrete crushers creates the opportunity for you to add a new revenue stream selling reduced materials.

Increase Productivity

You don’t need massive pieces of heavy equipment to get your concrete crusher setup. The Senya 3 can be pulled by a pickup truck and the Senya 6 only requires a dump truck. Once put in place, both machines only take 10 minutes to set up and start crushing.

Senya Crushers are made from high quality parts that don’t easily break. You can produce tons of aggregate without worrying about downtime for unexpected maintenance. Also, if you have a crusher on site, you won’t have to worry about your operators traveling across town to dispose of waste. That’s more time they have on-site to get things done.

Win More Bids

Having a concrete crusher on-site nearly eliminates the need for off-site transportation. As a result, your fleet of trucks moves less which decreases the impact they have on the environment.

Government and municipality employers appreciate contractors that focus on recycling and sustainability. If you mention that you plan on using on-site recycling when placing a bid, you may be more likely to get the contract.

Mobile Concrete Crushers For Sale

Having a mobile concrete crusher on site helps you reach your bottom line and increases productivity. You may be thinking that adding a crusher to your lineup may be too much to take on, but Senya micro crushers and micro aggregate plant equipment make on-site recycling quick and affordable.

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